First the recruitment then the training it's all different with us

Through the Kerakoll4talent project we are creating the next generation of managers. We are looking for young, motivated and responsible people with work culture, who are not afraid of doing some soul searching. The selection process is hard, but those who pass it will be recruited to develop professionally thanks to a 5-year training programme. An intense exciting period, rich in managerial experience which will make you become a manager at the head of the company.
One of us

Sergio Belenguer

Age: 39 - Nationality: Spanish


My grandfather taught me the can-do spirit; my father has always fascinated me with his stories on his return home from business trips. I am a chemical technician from Spain. Since the age of sixteen I have always worked during weekends and summer periods. I have worked abroad which has enriched me both culturally and linguistically.

I speak English, Italian and Spanish and am a football and cinema fanatic. My future has never frightened me.


After I began to work for Kerakoll Iberica as a vendor in Valencia; I subsequently moved to Italy to manage human resources in an environment very dynamic, propulsive and innovative. I continued my development programme to gain experience on the field and improve my skills as Area Manager in Italy to prepare myself in the best possible way for a role as leader in the internationalisation project. Now I am Sales Manager in Kerakoll Brazil.

Simone Bolzacchini

Age: 33 - Nationality: Italian


Before arriving in Kerakoll I graduated in Business Economics in Verona and specialised in Business Marketing and Communications at the same faculty. Since the age of 18 I have worked to pay for my education. I have always seen study as a means to achieve my goals, there is no way I would ever have accepted failure because I needed every weapon to enter the world of work, real work! I have always tried to prepare myself in the way I considered the best possible, every choice has always been made with a thought for the future. The organisation of my life is the basis of everything. I used to work nights in a hotel from 11 pm to 7 am, but with discrete breaks in which I studied or rested, in the morning I was in the classroom 8.30 am for lessons. At 4.30 pm I started my shift in a large DIY chain store which finished at 9pm in the winter and 10pm in summer. I didn’t know if I was doing good or bad, but I knew I was doing all I could.


After I have been in Kerakoll since April 2012 and, since the beginning, the expectations that were presented to me have been important and very ambitious. Since the first day, I have felt part of a team; respect, cooperation and professionalism are the palpable values in the company. I have improved my technical, commercial and managerial skills and I have learned that you need to care for every detail, develop daily, complete all the steps, to be ready when the time comes. Now I’m Area Manager in Italy.

Filippo Iacconi

Age: 34 - Nationality: Italian


I graduated in “Economics and international marketing” in Modena and then specialised in “Marketing Management” at the Bocconi University in Milan. During my studies I did two experiences abroad, 6 months in Buenos Aires in Argentina at the UADE Business School and a 5-month internship at a consulting company in Shanghai, China. These experiences have made me grow as a person, helped me to make my professional choices and allowed me to perfect my English and Spanish and start a Chinese language course. I have always imagined my future to be rich in international experiences in different business sectors which would take me to a managerial role in a foreign branch of a multinational. My interests are sport, reading and travelling with a backpack.


I joined Kerakoll in September 2011, a few months after my degree, in the Kerakoll4talent programme. Since my first day at work I have felt part of the company. I have done two years in sales and one year as area manager. I have improved my Problem solving and decision making skills in proposing fitting technical solutions and in making the best decisions for the people on my team; in Leadership and team building, motivating my team to reach the goals and to work with them to achieve them; in Flexibility, simultaneously dealing with complex issues and the emotional management of heavy workloads and finally in Communication and emotional management: to represent the company and be the reference point for customers, building companies and designers has improved the efficacy of my communicative skills allowing me to manage even my emotions in the best possible way. Now I am General Manager in Kerakoll UK.

Gabriele Fagandini

Age: 35 - Nationality: Italian


After my classical studies, at the age of 18 I started to work and enrolled in the Faculty of Economics in Modena where I graduated In International Management. I have lived and worked for four years in Australia; they were very formative years that required many sacrifices, I was aware of having undertaken a path which was different and distinct from the average of my peers. I speak English, French and German.


After Kerakoll has given me the time and the space to settle in, in the best possible way. I have felt valued, motivated and involved and I can say I am perfectly in phase with the values of the company, characterised by a strong sense of belonging and close attention to valuing human capital.

I have always seen my future in developing and managing strategic foreign markets. My ambition was to occupy a position of responsibility within the Group working with passion and great motivation. Now I’m Export Sales Director.

Ahzam Javed

Age: 36 - Nationality: Indian


I graduated with top marks in Engineering from Bangalore and worked for 5 years in IT Consulting, first as Senior Associate and then as Project Leader. Nevertheless, I felt as if I was in a labyrinth, the sector was failing to stimulate me and I didn’t know what to do. I decided I had to improve even more and enrolled in an MBA in Strategy & Innovation at the SDA Bocconi in Milan. Here, I was selected by Kerkoll, initially for a 3-month internship and then later hired and put on their kerakoll4talent training course.


At the beginning I worked in the Kerakoll Study Centre for foreign markets and then I’ve been responsible for an area in Italy. It was like being the general manager of a small company. I managed sales, technical assistance, human resource management, brand promotion. Now I am Director in Kerakoll India and General Manager of Kerakoll Gulf.