What I’ve done for years is looking for talents. Always. Because I believe the size of a company is directly proportional to values ​​and professionalism of the people who compose it. Kerakoll4talent is my concept to set up the next generation of Kerakoll’s managers who will have the task of keeping fed and passing on our business culture.


I’ve always considered the time devoted to research and selection of talents the better spent one because I’m sure that people, when they are special, make a difference and everything becomes possible. Having confidence and bringing out the best from those around you and looking at things not only for what they already are but for how they could be, helped me to build a successful company.


I believe in young people and in their ability to break the mold, to get drawn by passion and think different and this diversity has become my philosophy of life and work. This is what I believe and this is my story.


Gian Luca Sghedoni – Ceo Kerakoll